What Our Clients Say About Us

Victoria Lloyd, London

“Frank and Lynne provide a complete service and at no point are you on your own either looking for, buying, renovating or letting a property; they are with you every step of the way giving professional and friendly advice based on years of property experience and local knowledge. Importantly they stay as involved as you need them to be after the purchase to answer any queries which arise later which takes much of the stress away. It was a real pleasure meeting and working with both of them. I recommend their service if you are looking for a property to let out.”

Iain Girling, Chester

“I was introduced to Leef Properties by a mutual friend who knew I was interested in becoming a property investor.

“Since then I have viewed a number of properties and bought 2 which have given me very good return on investment. Frank explained how he operates in the business with his wife Lynne. He has also explained why properties were not good for my portfolio.

“I recommend Frank and Lynn as I felt they put me and my requirements first. They can also help with funding and conveyancing.”

Dileepa DeSilva, Derby

“Leef Property Investment has been very professional and finding the best investment opportunities. I am very satisfied with the service and also appreciate the fact I can reach to them anytime to get advice on properties. They have made sure the whole process to be smooth through active engagement. Thank you.” 

Karen Jackson – Cheshire

“We have worked with husband and wife team Frank and Lynne O’Rourke for some time. They have assisted us in investing in the buy to let housing market. I have personally found their level of attention to detail and knowledge second to none. They have helped my husband Oliver and I to source, negotiate , purchase, refurbish and rent many properties for us. They are speedy at all times in communication which is crucial in this sector and they do not settle for second best. Lynne’s no nonsense approach to everything she does alongside Frank’s commitment and their expert knowledge results in a game changing duo that put their clients at the heart of everything that they do. I could not be happier with their service. They get the job done on time and in budget EVERY TIME and can be trusted with any element of the property transaction. I trust them implicitly as does Oliver.”

David Riley – Cheshire

“I was recommended to Leef by my mortgage broker who had worked with Frank and Lynne previously with several of his clients.

“I met Frank and explained what I was looking for from my investment in property and Frank took on board everything and explained how the service could work for me.

“What I would say is everything I was told turned out to be exactly what happened in terms of the property, the price which was good and the rent achieved again which was what was forecast.

“Leef’s letting company have looked after the property and I have been extremely happy with the service from all parts of the Leef group their aim is to give clients a complete service and that is what they do taking all the potential problems out of the equation.”

Pritti & Pranav

“The service received from Leef Property Investment is friendly, informative and prompt.

“From beginning to end Frank and Lynne are supportive throughout the whole investment process putting to rest quickly any queries that may arise as well as going over and beyond to assist. Even after the purchase has finished they do not hesitate to help with any enquiry that may pop up.

“They have an exhaustive and competent list of contacts which makes the whole process stress free.

“We have used Leef’s Services numerous times and will continue to do so. We would definitely recommend them.” – Kind Regards, Pritti & Pranav

Carl Ellam Speed

“From the initial concerns and worries that come with wanting to buy a property to let, Leef have been there to help us! Their service has been faultless. On initial engagement, we discussed what we wanted out of the investment, how much and why we’d like to do it. Leef took those requirements on board, provided us potential properties and guided us through the options. Their packs are simply delightful! Containing every bit of information you’d need to understand what the property is, where it is, the facilities around, what it is worth the likely yield and crucially, any costs to bring it up to spec.

“We were lucky, as a new property came along just at the right time, right on budget and was purchased with little effort. Leef helped with a reference to a solicitor and all was concluded quickly and easily. No pressure, no commitment until we were ready.

“We didn’t meet up or view property UNTIL we had the keys (we did our own due-diligence and were reassured right the way through the process).

“We now still prosper with their letting service! That remains faultless and an amazing experience. We’ve had just a few weeks’ over a Christmas with no tenant, which has surpassed our expectation. On top of that, the rates are reasonable and bills are dealt with without concerning us up to an agreed limit, taken from the next rental payment; thus we don’t have to continually find costs.

“We’re over 300 miles away from the property, but feel we are ALWAYS in contact with it.

“If you want to buy to let with NO hassle, then I highly recommend the service provided by Leef Property Investment. Thank you guys and keep it up!

“P.S. It’s been nearly four years of service now and we look forward to buying more property in the near future!” – Carl Ellam – Speed

Federico Grianti – Italy and UK

“I’ve been working with Frank and Lynne since 2015 when I bought a semi-detached property in the North West of the UK from them. The service provided was excellent: from the wide choice of different investment opportunities to the supervision over the whole conveyance process. It was a hand-free service very useful for me which I was busy with my job. Really satisfied. Thanks!”

Sarju Somaiya, Preston

“I am happy with the whole team at Leef – I feel it’s become a true end to end solution. With more and more legislations being added to landlords I really do feel I am in the correct hands.”

Colin Bullen, Hertfordshire

“Investing with Leef Properties is easy.

“I was first introduced to Frank and Lynne about 3 years ago. I’d started to build a small property portfolio and wanted to acquire more properties in a particular niche – low-cost high-yielding properties in the North West. I’d worked with two agents for my first acquisitions, and had not been particularly impressed.

“Frank specialises in finding properties for you at a discount to market value. Even after Leef’s fee, stamp duty and a full refurbishment – which Frank organises and manages for you – you’ll still end up with a tidy capital gain. Once acquired and refurbished, the Leef Property Management team (Chris and Joe) then market the property and source tenants for you. We now have seven properties sourced and managed by Leef.

“I have never seen any of my properties in real life – lots of pictures – but I am totally confident that they look good and are being well managed. For me property is just an investment, but it has been a hugely successful one – I don’t understand why more people don’t take advantage of this opportunity. Frank and the broader Leef team come highly recommended if you’re looking to invest in property in the North West.”

Indika Weerapperuma, Manchester

“Frank and his team were recommended to me by a friend when I was looking into buying an investment property. I met with Frank and was immediately taken up by his professional attitude, immense knowledge and experience in the field. I felt that everything was clearly explained, with a no rush approach. One of my limitations was that I have a very busy schedule and find it difficult to dedicate time to see and assess the property market. Frank and Lynne took this problem away from me as they turned out to be the one stop shop that I needed.

“Not only were they able provide me with a few options of buying but also organise the mortgage advisor and legal team if i needed it. In addition they have the ability of carrying out any changes to the properties and manage it thereafter. I found this an invaluable service.

“Throughout the buying process Frank kept me updated and would chase up on matters as needed. They are dedicated to the job and were available 24/7 to assist me if needed. My experience with Leef Properties has been a very good one and it continues to do so. I have no hesitancy in recommending them to anyone.

“Thank you Frank and his team!”

Graham Watson, Southport

“I have now 3 properties obtained from Frank and his team and I am very pleased with the outcome. It is comforting that someone has done the research which of course you can then check yourself and as or more important that you have the back up for whatever level you wish ‘Leef’ to manage your investment.

“It can be a minefield going alone, finding estate agents, viewing, obtaining tenants with all the relevant paper work, checking tenants in and out of the property with legal and proper inventory and paperwork, tenancy agreements etc.

“Yes, a very good find for me and I can recommend to anyone thinking of going down this road of extra income as part of their portfolio. Especially if the investor is out of area which I am not, exactly, but I still find this company takes out a lot of the leg work and possible hassle, even though I have been a landlord for almost 25 years.”

Sarah Dunning, Wilmslow

“I would recommend Frank and Lynne to anyone and do to most of my friends and colleagues! I had money to invest in property but didn’t enjoy the viewings and the other time consuming things that come with building a portfolio. Leef properties make it all so easy, I don’t have to think of anything as it’s all taken care of and I know my money is working for me without the hassle that property can bring. I’m just about to buy my fourth property with Frank so can say with confidence every part of their service is excellent.”

Ben Atkins, Dentist, North West

“I am a busy Dentist with an expansive practice in the North West of England which demands a great deal of time and this together with my young family means I just do not have the time to spend on looking for property investment opportunities.

“Leef provide a fully comprehensive and professional service handling the whole process for me including tenanting and ongoing management of the property.

“Frank and Lynne are always available to speak to me and I would highly recommend their services.

“I did have an independent check on the properties which did confirm that Leef had secured all properties at very good prices – below the current market rates.”

Sarju Somaiya, Preston

“As a first time investor Leef investments have not only exceeded my expectations but have given me peace of mind from finding the right property and to refurbish it to the required standard. The after support from Leef Property management is excellent, full end to end property management is done. I would highly recommend. Also the management guys Joe and Chris are really great.”

Dr. Ash Rayarel, Dental Practice Owner, Manchester

“I have bought several properties from Leef. I have been very impressed with the level of service Frank and Lynne have provided for me and they have found good properties, good builders and reliable agents and the yields have reached or exceeded forecast expectations.

“I would whole heartedly recommend Leef to you”.

John Chart, Solicitor, London

“My wife and I are both solicitors in London and in partnership as property investors – mainly residential.

“Since 2012 we have used the one-stop services of LEEF to source suitable residential properties – mainly houses – to supplement our portfolio.

“During this time we have acquired ten properties, none over £85,000.

“Frank and Lynne work hard to try to source “below market value” properties, and are happy to spend quality time with us when we periodically visit the north-west.

“They are also charming people who have often shared a restaurant table with us.

“It is not in our interests to recommend them to others – but of course we must not be selfish!”

Oliver Jackson – Cheshire

“Many agencies try and shoehorn you into deals that they want you to buy and then would prefer to take the fee, step away, and leave you to complete the project yourself, picking up the pieces of any issues. Frank and Lynne at Leef properties are the opposite of that approach. They want the absolute best for you and the level of service they provide is exemplary. They have enormous motivation, experience and integrity and are true professionals in every sense of the word. The service we have received from Leef has been absolutely fantastic.

“They have a tremendous integrity and so you quite soon find yourself trusting their judgement which is crucial in this business and especially if you want to move quickly with minimum time and input – there is absolutely no need to look over their shoulders, or check and second guess their figures.

“Their appraisals on purchase value and rent levels are always accurate and In fact Lynne and Frank much prefer to under promise and over deliver and so again this is a tremendous reassurance and benefit to those used to the hype and hyperbole of most other property agencies.

“Excellent and trustworthy contractors and supporting services are all available through Leef and again can be relied upon fully to carry out these essential project services on time and within budget. Again everything Leef say they are going to do, they do, and if there is ever an issue they are straight back to you with a solution and their accompanying “clients’ best interests” advice.

“Leef really do take full charge and responsibility for all their projects from inception to completion – finding the right property and all the headache that goes along with the conveyance and refurbishment is all taken care of in the most proficient, speedy, and reliable manner. For those whom want to invest their money quickly, efficiently, and with minimum time spent, this is the perfect service.

“Above all the deals unearthed are quite exceptional and that is no accident. Leef carry out enormous amounts of research, investigations, and due diligence initially and throughout the duration of the project from behind the scenes – most importantly Leef will listen to your personal requirements and motivations so you get the right types of deal as well as the best prices. Everything is done properly and with complete care diligence and integrity. Leef will work incredibly hard for your benefit rather than theirs. They want you to do well over the long term and because of their flexible structure, everything and anything is possible and they will put themselves out to get the right outcomes for you. Rather than you having to line up and be treated as a commodity, Leef is a truly bespoke service that can be flexible and can evolve to meet your on going needs.

“Finally Leef’s own rental agency is as critical to the process as there agency services. There is a seem-less transition over to your personal portfolio manager, once the conveyance and refurbishment project has completed, and the exact same levels of service, care and consideration, are taken forward into finding the best tenants at the best rent levels. Again a personal and diligent first class service is provided from marketing to move in and so this is a truly end to end investment service that is ideal whether you are a busy and time poor professional, or a forward thinking full time landlord that want the best advice, deals and service whilst not getting consumed by the process.” – Oliver