Working closely with our panel associates Leef handle every aspect of the investment for our clients which means we can provide a totally integrated investment solution.

We spend our time researching up to 100 plus properties each week; we assess the locations, the type of property, the price potential and rent ability.

The aim is to acquire good properties in good locations at good prices where we can get good tenants giving our clients long term income with the potential for capital growth in the future and taking up as little of our clients’ personal time as possible.

We make offers on properties based on the state of the property, what refurbishment is required, what rent we can achieve, and what discount off the asking price we can achieve.

The contractor will give a quotation for works; we have a standard cost list for virtually all the refurbishment works so the contractor has to adhere to this in his pricing which protects our clients and ensures they get a fair price for all works.

Leef also have agreements with building companies which enables us to secure excellent deals for new build properties at discounted prices and we always check the sites to ensure they will be in demand for good tenants.

Once agreement is reached with the vendor on a price we produce a “detail sheet”, this document is aimed at giving our clients all the information they need regarding each property as most clients never see the property. Once a client receives a detail sheet we do ask if they can let us know quite quickly whether or not they intend to proceed because at this point we need to work closely with the vendor or agent so they have confidence in Leef that a sale will be proceeding.

When a client gives the go ahead we instruct the vendor or agent, the solicitors, and the mortgage broker to make contact with our client – so everything swings into action. We then liaise directly with the solicitors, brokers and agents right through until completion so our clients have the minimum involvement.

On the day of completion, we pick up the keys from the agent, we meet on site with our Letting team and the contractor, agree a timescale for completion of any works and when to market the house for letting – sometimes this is immediate – and the process begins and continues right through the life of the investment.

We are available to talk to our clients at all times