How the Leef service helps our clients after the property is purchased

It is now important to ensure we get the investment working for you as soon as possible and we will have already instructed the Refurbishment Contractor and Letting and Management Agents on your behalf.


Property Upgrade

  • Type of works required – the vast majority of Leef properties only need cosmetic works – mostly décor, carpets etc. Visits are made to the property with the contractor to agree the specification. It is important our client has complete authority over the works, it is your house and anything you would like to change or add to the specification will be agreed with the contractor.
  • Leef liaise with the contractor ensuring the works are completed as quickly as possible; when the works are complete we view the property again and if clients like to visit their property at this stage this is arranged.
  • A few of our clients do prefer properties requiring a total refurbishment and we also source this type of property which can frequently lead to an exceptional investment opportunity.
  • Leef have agreed a standard cost model with the contractor covering the vast majority of refurbishment works required to the property. The prices we have agreed ensure that our clients are not over-charged for refurbishment works which is important to achieve the most successful return on investment for our clients.